Survivor: Aral Sea
Season 1
Filming Location Aral Sea, Uzbekistan, Central Asia
Season Run Sep. 3th & 4th, 2011
Castaways 18
Tribes      Moynaq
Series Chronology
Previous Season None
Next Season Season 2

Survivor: Aral Sea is the 1st season of the American Survivor series. Wich was premiere on September 3th and 4th, 2011. It is played in Aral Sea, Central Asia.


This season will feature 18 new players to American Survivor, divided into three tribes, Moynaq, Pamir and Sirdarya.

Contestant Original Tribe Aborbed Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Total Votes
Richard “Sarge” Gum
32, NYC, US
Pamir 1st Voted Out
Day 4
Sheri Martinez
33, Utah, US
Moynaq Quit
Day 6
Jesse Meredith
22, Vancouver, Canada
Pamir 2nd Voted Out
Day 8
Gabriela Mallo
28, NYC, US
Pamir Quit
Day 10
Bryce Kaiser
19, Littleton, US
Sirdarya Sirdarya
Kaylee “Kayboo” Marisa
14, US
Moynaq Sirdarya
Johnna Graham
25, Canyon Lake, US
Sirdarya Sirdarya
Nelson Esteban Zapeda
21, Manila, Philippines
Moynaq Sirdarya
Violet Daekkenmiller
18, New England, US
Pamir Moynaq 2
Jarrod “Jarby” Loobeek
19, Sydney, Australia
Sirdarya Moynaq
Kim “KJ” Bock
52, Illinois, US
Sirdarya Sirdarya
Jared “Jay” Merrell
23, Richmond, Canada
Moynaq Moynaq
Bonita “Boo” Almond
47, Ontario, Canada
Pamir Sirdarya
David “Tayvie” Schweizer
15, New Jersey, US
Sirdarya Moynaq
Kelly Nelson
21, US
Moynaq Moynaq
Brandon Driver
15, US
Pamir Moynaq 1
Jennifer Macheel
36, Madison, Wisconsin
Sirdarya Moynaq
Dylan Rogers
18, Oklahoma, US
Moynaq Sirdarya

The GameEdit

Episode Titles Immunity Eliminated Vote Finish
1. "Vote Me The Immunity" Sirdarya Sarge 4-2 1st Voted Out
Day 4
2. "Get Rid of Dead Weight." Moynaq Sheri No Vote Quit
Day 6
Sirdarya Jesse 2-1-1-1 2nd Voted Out
Day 8
3. "Shrimp That Sleeps
Gets Carried by The Tide.
Moynaq Gabriela No Vote Quit
Day 10
4. "Now Who's in Charge Here?."

Episode 1: "Vote me the Immunity".Edit

  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways were divided into groups of three, one from each tribe. They had to get votes. Depending on how many votes got each member of the tribe, two tribes would win the Immunity. They had to promote their names to the public or their friends for that they vote for the castawayas´ names.

The eighteen castaways were divided into three tribes: Sirdarya, Moynaq and Pamir. Three men and three women each one. At the Immunity Challenge, Sirdarya got 223 votes, Moynaq 220, which left Pamir with only 160 votes that sent them to the first Tribal Council. At the TC, Violet and Gabriela didn´t vote and for that reason the votes are turned against their. But Sarge was voted out 4-2.

Episode 2: "Get Rid of Dead Weight".Edit

  • Immunity Challenge: For this challenge they made and produced a TRIBE FLAG. They with their tribemates musted discuss and came up with a flag. Had to be interesting and eye-catching. They all could use any programs such a paint, photoshop, etc. to create their flag and when they think they´ve done, one of them have to sent their photo via e-mail.

At the Immunity, Moynaq made the best tribe flag what left it to win. But Pamir didn´t send yours, so they were return at Tribal Council. And Sirdarya was safe to the TC also. Meanwhile, Pamir, having lost two immunity challenges, knew they needed to be productive. At Sirdarya, all the castaways were very united. After the Immunity, Sheri announced that it was time to go home so she could be with her son son is laying in a bed in the PICU for his asthma. However the Host announced that the Tribal Council would be continue. Sheri then boarded the boat to take her home. At the Tribal Council, Jesse was the second voted out with 2-1-1-1 votes.

Episode 3: "Shrimp That Sleeps Gets Carried by The Tide".Edit

  • Immunity Challenge:The tribes have to do a puzzle. The two tribes to send first their puzzle would win the Immunity.

At the I. Challenge, Kelly from Moynaq, send their puzzle first, so they won Immunity first. Then K.J. from Sirdarya, sent yours and that left Pamir at the bottom so they caame back to the TC. At the TC, Gabriela quit the game and votes didn´t read.

Episode 4: "Now Who's in Charge Here?".Edit

  • Immunity Challenge:

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