Survivor: Ancient Mesopotamia
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Season 1
Filming Location Ancient Mesopotamia, Asia
Season Run Sep. 9th, 2011
Episodes 13
Castaways 18
Days 39
Tribes      Euphrates
Series Chronology
Previous Season None
Next Season Survivor: Pompeii

Survivor: Ancient Mesopotamia is the 1st season of Ev´s Survivor series.


Contestant Original Tribe





Finish Total Votes

Cristobal Rios Returned to game



Michael May Tigris

1st Voted Out

Jennifer Lauzon Tigris 2nd Voted Out 6
K.j. Bock Tigris 3rd Voted Out 6

Sofia Deras

Euphrates Tigris

4th Voted Out

Chris Elliot Tigris Tigris 5th Voted Out 4

Mariscal Mario

Euphrates Tigris Liru

Inactive - Eliminated

Wesley Langlias Tigris Tigris

6th Voted Out
1st Juror


Angela Marquez

Euphrates Euphrates Inactive - Eliminated 0
Federico Arce Euphrates Tigris

7th Voted Out
2nd Juror

Nathan Miller Tigris Euphrates

8th Voted Out
3rd Juror

Johnna Graham Euphrates Euphrates

9th Voted Out
4th Juror


Cristobal Rios


10th Voted Out
5th Juror

Kodi Ross Tigris Euphrates

11th Voted Out
6th Juror

Special Power, 1
Sam Shaifee Euphrates Tigris

12th Voted Out

7th Juror

Branden N Billy Euphrates Euphrates


8th Juror

John Lehocki Tigris Tigris

13th Voted Out

9th Juror

Matt Hood Euphrates Euphrates 1
Mark Gilbert Euphrates Euphrates

The GameEdit

Episode # Title Immunity Voted Out
Vote Finish
1 "Beginning with the flags" Euphrates Cristobal 0

Day 3

2 "Those Dang Facts" Euphrates Michael 5-3

1st Voted Out

Day 6

3 "Depending on others" Euphrates Jennifer 1-3-3 (Tie)

2nd Voted Out

Day 9

4 "Good or Bad, Who knows!" Euphrates K.j. 3-2-1

3rd Voted Out

Day 12

5 "Watch the words" Euphrates Sofia 6-1

4th Voted Out

Day 15

6 "May the Gods be with you." Euphrates Chris 3-2-1

5th Voted Out

Day 18

7 "Scrambling is for Eggs." Branden Wesley 8-0

6th Voted Out

Day 21

Juror #1

8 "Up All Night" Branden Federico 9-1

7th Voted Out

Day 24

Juror #2

9 "Civiballs" Kodi Nathan 7-2

8th Voted Out

Day 27

Juror #3

10 Pt 1 "Beg for Mercy Pt 1." Kodi, Branden, Mark Johnna 3-0

9th Voted Out

Day 30

Juror #4

10 Pt 2 "Beg For Mercy Pt 2." Kodi, Branden, Mark Cristobal 2-1

10th Voted Out

Day 30

Juror #5

11 "Violence is Always the Answer." Branden Kodi

Special Power


11th Voted Out

Day 33

Juror #6

12 "Stack up some luck." John Sam 3-0

12th Voted Out

Day 36

Juror #7

13 "Popularity Contest." None Branden 0


Day 37

Juror #8

14 "We made it." Matt John 1

13th Voted Out

Day 38

Juror #9

15 Pt1 "We are the champions Pt 1." None ??? ??? Runner Up
15 Pt 2 "We are the Champions Pt 2." None ??? ??? Winner

Episode 1: "Beginning with the flags".Edit

  • Immunity Challenge: The tribes have to make a tribe flag. The flag that is the most creative and unique will win immunity.
  • Quit: Cristobal

Episode 2: "Those dang facts."Edit

Immunity Challenge: Tribes are asked to look up facts about the old mesopotamian civilization. The tribe with the most facts at the end of 22 hrs will win immunity.

Voted out: Michael

Episode 3: "Depending on others."Edit

Immunity Challenge: 3 people from each tribe square off to try and spell the longest word.

Voted Off: Jennifer

Episode 4: "Good, or bad? Who knows!"Edit

Immunity Challenge: The tribes must all write an essay. The tribe with the most essays turned in will win.

Voted Out: KJ

Episode 5: "Watch the words."Edit

Immunity Challenge: All members of the tribe must be active. The tribe with the most people to send in the definition of 2 words that each tribe selected, will win immunity.

Voted Out: Sofia

Episode 6: "May the gods be with you."Edit

Immunity Challenge: There are 10 gods and goddesses. The tribe who gives the best variety of facts for each will win immunity.

Voted Out: Chris

Episode 7: "Scrambling is for Eggs."Edit

Immunity Challenge: There are 10 questions, each round, the first person to answer the question correctly, will get a point. The person with the most points after 10 questions, will win immunity.

Inactive/Eliminated: Mariscal

Voted Out: Wesley

Episode 8: "Up All Night."Edit

Immunity Challenge: Every 5 minutes, The castaways will post "I ______ am still holding Anu's hand." The last person still posting, will win immunity.

Inactive/Eliminated: Angela

Voted Out: Federico

Episode 9: "Civiballs."Edit

Immunity Challenge: Civiballs-Mindjolt

Voted Out: Nathan

Episode 10: "Beg for Mercy."Edit

Immunity Challenge: Castaways must write a short story about their fellow castaways.

Voted out P1: Johnna

Voted out P2: Cristobal

Episode 11: "Violence is always the answer."Edit

Immunity Challenge: Hanger-Mindjolt

Voted Out: Kodi

Episode 12: "Stack up some luck."Edit

Immunity Challenge: Tower Stack-Mindjolt

Voted Out: Sam

Episode 13: "Popularity Contest."Edit

Immunity Challenge: The person with the most people who post for them to win immunity under their thred, will win immunity.

Quit: Branden

Episode 14: "We made it."Edit

Immunity Challenge: An essay of everything this season had to offer ;D

Voted Out: John

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